Month March 2019

Pokémon Field Research: Lapras

Lapras Wallpaper
With the release of the Pokémon Sword & Shield trailer, there’s a lot going on in the Pokémon community. I happen to be a huge fan of the series, and have had the pleasure of playing each of the mainline…
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Fimbul Review

I was really interested in Fimbul when I first saw details about the game. Screenshots made it look like an interesting, Nordic inspired, action-packed experience. Now that I’ve gotten the chance to play it, I can honestly say that that’s…
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Unknown Fate Review

It’s not very often I come across a game that truly perplexes me. I mean, there are a lot of weirder games, but that’s just a staple in the industry. So, when I first played Unknown Fate, it really racked…
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City of Brass Review

City of Brass
Hunting for valuable loot while trying to survive in a city based off Arabian Nights. If this sounds like a great time to you, then look no further then ex-Bioshock developer’s Uppercut Games, City of Brass. Traps, Traps, & More…
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