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I'm a mature gamer. (nearly 47!) I can be opinionated and sarcastic, but I'm very laid back. And I love Nintendo more than any forty-something probably should. (They did help raise me.) I'm also the Editor-in-chief, here at The Nintendo Nomad. Hit me up anywhere you can find me on social media. I'm open to talking about almost any topic (because, politics...).

My Favorite Switch YouTube Channels

There is an untold number of websites, YouTube channels, blogs (like this one right here!), and Twitch streamers who produce Nintendo Switch related content. No one can possibly know about everything that’s available out there. It seems like new channels…
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Part Time UFO Review

Part-Time UFO
Full-Time Fun? Developed by Hal Laboratory, Part Time UFO started life as a mobile game. I know what you’re thinking. “Another mobile game on Switch? Yeah, I think I’ll pass.” I can understand that train of thought, and I agree…
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My Strange Gaming Habits (Vol1)

strange fish
Gamers are creatures of habit. Some of us have little rituals or habits that, if we were told to stop, we’d probably react the way a child does when you try to take their Halloween candy away. Well, that’s how…
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My Nintendo Switch Setup

Red Joy-Con with Mario case
A curated list of gear and accessories I regularly use with my Nintendo Switch. Honestly, my Nintendo Switch console is more precious to me (insert Gollum impersonation here) than any other of my material possessions. Take them all, and leave…
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Quickviews: Space Crew Review

Space Crew Key Art
Saturday morning Trek adventure? Developed by Runner Duck and published by Curve Digital, Space Crew is the follow-up title to Bomber Crew, a well-received strategy sim (75 Metacritic) that was released in 2017. The story in Space Crew is almost…
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Nintendo Trivia: Do You Know Your Nintendo?

Put your Nintendo knowledge to the test with an episode of Know Your Nintendo Starting yesterday, Nintendo began posting short-form videos testing your Nintendo knowledge with some interesting trivia questions. (I’m not ashamed to admit, a few of the questions…
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