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I'm a mature gamer. (nearly 47!) I can be opinionated and sarcastic, but I'm very laid back. And I love Nintendo more than any forty-something probably should. (They did help raise me.) I'm also the Editor-in-chief, here at The Nintendo Nomad. Hit me up anywhere you can find me on social media. I'm open to talking about almost any topic (because, politics...).

Pinstripe Review

Dealing with grief, and loss, is something that almost everyone will experience in their lifetime, yet it’s one of the hardest things we will have to deal with. It’s a process that tears us apart, and eventually people can be…
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#KillAllZombies Review: Alive with Fun or DOA?

Kill All Zombies
We all need to blow off some steam every once in a while. It’s unhealthy to constantly keep stuffing things deeper inside ourselves. We’ve gotta let that shit out!!! I discovered, decades ago, that videogames are a perfect outlet for…
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Don’t Sink Review: Fun or Flotsam?

Don’t Sink is a 2D, sandbox, pirate RPG from Hitcents. The game lets you live out your fantasies of being a pirate captain in an archipelago full of islands to visit and conquer. You begin the game by creating your…
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Discover a Hidden Gem. Help an Indie Developer find their Audience. Discover Indies is the brainchild of Indie Gamer Team and, more specifically, Indie Gamer Chick. The idea is simple: on the first Friday of every month in 2019, gamers…
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