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Ghoulboy Review

It’s unfortunately been a while since we have seen a brand new Castlevania game. While the more recent entries in the series have been a little more divisive, the originals still remain classics for Nintendo fans. Ghoulboy is a low…
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AIRHEART- Tales of broken wing

At first glance, I was intrigued by AIRHEART. It looked to be a very interesting take on the twin stick shooter genre. It combined it with flying, and RPG style elements which, I thought sounded like a great idea. That’s…
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Quick-Hit Review: Oniken

Oniken, created by Brazilian developer JoyMasher and published by Digerati, is a throw back to the 8-bit days of ruthless 2d action-platforming. It has the gameplay but is it too old-school for it’s own good? Thanks to a review code…
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Hive Jump Review

Hive Jump, as well as the code I received for this review, comes to us from Graphite Lab. It’s a 2-D action rogue-like, with randomly generated levels. Yes, I know, there are way too many of those on the eShop…
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The Path of Motus Review

Video games, as a whole, are fantastic for a number of reasons, and one of those reasons is that they let us express ourselves. Game developers are free to express themselves in their games, and are free to tailor the…
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