In an effort to help keep The Nintendo Nomad ad-free I’ve come up with a couple of ways, for those interested, to help support the site by donating a small amount of money. I am not looking to make a living off of the site. I’m simply looking to help defer some of the costs of maintaining the site and keeping it secure for everyone who visits. (There’s also a second, more personal reason, for some of this. It’s a bit of a long story and more is explained when you visit my Ko-fi page. Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter, if you’d like to know more.)

support us on patreon

For people who’d like to give on a recurring basis, I created a Patreon page where you can choose to give anything from $1 to $10 every month. I’m offering some basic perks, to begin with, which I’ll be expanding and adding to. I’m also open to suggestions on how I can make it more appealing to potential patrons.

For anyone who would like to donate, but isn’t interested in having another recurring subscription, you can make a one-time donation by simply buying me a coffee. You can choose any amount, starting from $3. It would be a one-time charge and it’d be more helpful than you may realize.

Thanks for stopping by the site and for considering donating. I appreciate every visitor and always enjoy responding to any feedback I receive. Have fun, no what game or platform you’re currently enjoying, and please be safe out there!

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