4 Games You Shouldn’t Overlook For Your Nintendo Switch

I know many people are still feeling the crazy aftermath of the last Nintendo Direct. So many great titles are coming, and it’s hard to think about the damage they’re going to put on our wallets…

Now, we know there are many great titles coming to Switch. However, we shouldn’t forget about the great games that are already available for us on the hybrid wonder. So today I’m going to talk about 4 games I think deserve a little more love!

**Note this list is not in order, I feel all of these games equally deserve the love**

1. Dust: An Elysian Tale

Dust: An Elysian Tale is a Metroidvania style Rpg that launched some time ago. It originally launches on Steam in 2013. It was then ported to the Switch, in September of last year.

Some may say, well this is a pretty well known indie title. I mean it’s been around for a quite a while, and has overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam. However, when it launched on the Switch I didn’t hear many people talking about it.

So what is Dust: An Elysian Tale about? You play as Dust, and go through tons of different environments. There are plenty of enemies, and encounters along the way that make the game amazing.

There’s customization, quest, puzzles, and really fun combat. It all looks great, and even has voice acting (though some people aren’t big fans of it)

If you want a beautiful hand drawn game, that takes you on a great adventure, you should really check out Dust!

2. A Robot Named Fight

Have you ever wanted to see what Super Metroid might look like, if it was a procedurally generated Roguelite. No? Well you definitely should be.

A Robot Named Fight, developed by Matt Bitner Games, and published by Hitcents, draws a lot of inspiration from the Metroid series. The visuals are very similar, and the gameplay is near identical. However, the procedurally generated levels do a great job at making the game interesting.

Each playtrough you will find abilities that will lead you to the boss, and then to the next area. Sometimes you will just be shooting at a wall, and all of a sudden you will find a power-up

The enemy design is a little more disgusting, and monstrous than Metroid, but this just adds to the games character. I’m not going to disclose everything about the game, but if you’re a Metroid fan I really think that A Robot Named Fight is worth checking out

3. Letter Quest Remastered

A typing game?, you may ask yourselves. Yes a typing game, and one that’s been around for awhile.

Letter Quest, developed by Digerati, has been around for quite awhile. You can find it on pretty much every current gen, and even some last gen consoles. The premise is simple, but very entertaining. You fight enemies by spelling words out, from a series of letters you are given. Bigger words do more damage, but there are lots of bonuses you can get, to mix up the gameplay.

There’s a ton of content, with each level having challenges to complete, and then a harder version of itself. There’s plenty of bonuses to unlock, to keep you busy for hours.

I know Letter Quest has been around for awhile, but I think it’s a perfect fit on the Switch. It’s great for short gaming sessions, and works well with touch screen controls.

I feel like, because there are so many great games on the Switch now this one will kind of be forgotten. I hope that anyone who hasn’t tried it, sees this, and gives it a shot. It’s truly a great little game.

Ark Survival Evolved

Okay I’m completely joking this one is not making any list any time soon (except maybe worse ports)

4. Six Sides of the World

I’m not going to lie, I had never even heard of this game until about two weeks ago when I decided to buy it while it was on sale. After playing it, I was really surprised the game hadn’t gotten more attention.

Six Sides of the World, developed by Cybernetic Design and published by Dolores Entertainment, is a puzzle game that takes place in outer space.

You solve puzzles on top of cubes, and there are tons of them. The puzzles vary in difficulty, with some being easy, and others being pretty tough.

Puzzles have additional solutions, which takes away the linearity that most puzzle games suffer from. You feel like you have more choices, compared to similar games.

The game looks great, and all the little puzzles are really cool. It’s a very spatial puzzle game, so be aware of that before you buy it.

I wish I would have known about this game sooner, because it’s a really great game, that I think really deserves some more love.


I know some of the games on my list may not be considered underrated by some, but to me these are 4 games that I think definitely deserve more love. If you have any titles that you think are underrated, and deserve some love comment down below! Always happy to hear from others!

I hope you enjoyed the read, and maybe found a new game to take home on your Nintendo Switch.

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Agree on Dust, such a beautiful game that shouldn’t be skipped.

Brandon Sparks

These really are all great games..

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