Nintendo Trivia: Do You Know Your Nintendo?

Put your Nintendo knowledge to the test with an episode of Know Your Nintendo

Starting yesterday, Nintendo began posting short-form videos testing your Nintendo knowledge with some interesting trivia questions. (I’m not ashamed to admit, a few of the questions have definitely left me wracking my brain searching for the correct answer.) There are three videos in total, so far, and I’ve personally enjoyed them. The questions include some definite head-scratchers and all of the videos are under a minute long. (The longest is 58 seconds.) I’ve embedded all of them in the post to save you the trip to YouTube. I’ll update this post with any new videos if they continue to add to the series. (Which I hope they do.)

[Update (10-21-20): Video #4 Added]

Know Your Nintendo Episode 1
Know Your Nintendo Episode 2
Know Your Nintendo Episode 3
Know Your Nintendo 4

So, how many did you get right? Let me know how you did in the comments below or hit me up over on Twitter.

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