My Strange Gaming Habits (Vol1)

Gamers are creatures of habit. Some of us have little rituals or habits that, if we were told to stop, we’d probably react the way a child does when you try to take their Halloween candy away. Well, that’s how I would react anyway. Apologies for speaking for all gamers. Maybe I am the only one with these strange quirks. Anyway, I wanted to share just a few of my own gaming habits with everyone and see if anyone could relate. I wanted to write something more light-hearted and have a little fun.

What I’d really like, is to hear what gaming habits or rituals you might have. Who knows, maybe we have some in common. Please leave your thoughts in the comments at the end of the article or you can always reach out to me on Twitter. At the very least, this article may provide some laughs for people. And who couldn’t use some of that during this time? Even if it’s at my own expense, I hope someone finds some enjoyment with this.

Did I remember to save?

Sega Dreamcast VMU

Here’s an area where my OCD creeps into my gaming hobby and takes control. I save obsessively. In this case, though, I do have reasons why. We didn’t always have auto-save there to protect us from losing hours of progress in an RPG, and some games had brutal save systems that were sometimes puzzles in themselves. To further complicate things, back in the day, a lot of memory cards were notoriously unreliable. I had a ton of Dreamcast and PS1/PS2 memory cards fail, or become corrupt, for no apparent reason. I’d swap one game’s memory card in for another and the console would refuse to recognize that there was anything even on the card. My solution was to keep at least 3 separate copies of each save file to make sure I’d have one good copy. Sometimes, that still wasn’t enough. (should’ve made that fourth copy, I guess)

Do you obsessively worry about your saves too?x

Now, I manually save constantly when I’m playing. Especially in games like100-hour JRPGS. If a game allows me to, I’ll make multiple copies of my save files in case one becomes corrupted. To take things one step further, I regularly back up the contents of my entire SD card to my laptop’s hard drive and upload another copy to two different cloud storage companies. As I said, I’ve got issues. At least my save files are safe. I’ve yet to lose anything related to my Nintendo Switch games. (I hope I didn’t just jinx myself)

I wonder what’s over there…

I am extremely curious by nature. It’s gotten me into trouble and embarrassing situations all my life. In games, it leads to some hilarious deaths and lots of wasted time trying to do things I’m not meant to do. But I LOVE exploring in games. I enjoy covering every inch of the map if the game has one. I want to discover every secret area and I want to collect every stupid trinket the developers have hidden in their games.

I go into games like Yooka-Laylee and always tell myself, “Chris we don’t need to collect every single thing in this game just because it’s there.” I always laugh and tell myself to screw off. We’re getting every one of them. That’s why they (the developers) put them in the game! Shit, I still go back into Breath of the Wild once-in-a-while to casually search for Koroks. I’ll eventually get all 900. (And, yes, I do know what the reward is for collecting all 900. That golden pile of shit will be mine.)

Who the f*ck are you talking to?

I talk to myself. This isn’t something that only happens while I’m playing games either. I talk to animals. I talk to inanimate objects. I do it in my daily life all the time. And there’s no way I could ever count how many times I’ve been sitting alone, playing a game and I’ll be talking like there’s someone in the room with me when there’s not. Most times I’m talking to my character on-screen. Other times I’m talking trash to whatever boss keeps handing my ass to me. I’m a passionate, expressive person and it comes out in different ways (more on that later). And I do it A LOT. “Who the fuck are you talking to?” is a question I’ve had to answer many times. Anyone who knows me eventually learns that I am always talking (out loud), to myself, or just about anything else around me. And it’s not necessarily another person.

Settings above everything

I’ve recently learned this isn’t as strange as I once thought. No matter what game I’m starting up, when I load it for the first time, the very first thing I do is go into the game’s settings. I like to carefully go over every option available and make sure things are set up the way I prefer them. Camera controls and thumbstick sensitivity are important to me. That, and I like to know what’s there before I get into the game and start playing. I know it’s not the weirdest of habits, it’s just something I was made aware of only after someone else made a comment about me doing it. Now I’m noticing a lot of streamers and YouTubers do the same thing.

Is this something you do too? I really thought I was the only one.x

Hey, man. You alright? You look like you’re having a stroke

I’ve been told that I have an expressive face. People who witness me playing videogames are sometimes scared, or concerned, about what they see. Games can be intense. When I’m focused and concentrating, my facial muscles get contorted in all kinds of ways I guess.

It looks funny when my tongue is hanging out and my eyes are popping out of their sockets? Aren’t I embarrassed? Nah, I don’t care. Did you not see how quickly I just pwnd that boss!? Hell, even Jordan was hanging his tongue out as he was slammin’ on people in the 80s and 90s and people loved it. No time to worry about that. I’ve got bosses to slay and princesses to save.

Thanks, as always, for stopping by and spending some time on our site. I’m not sure where these gaming habits I have rate on the strange/weird scale (or if they’re even strange, to begin with). I plan on writing at least one more of these articles, sharing even more embarrassing habits I have. I’d love to hear what you think and it’d be even cooler if you’d share any strange gaming habits that you may have, by leaving a comment below or by hitting me up on Twitter.

“Dreamcast VMU” image by herkamer is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

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