Enter to Win Guess the Word from Ultimate Games!!

I’m excited to announce our first Giveaway thanks to Ultimate Games S.A.. They were kind enough to send not only one, but two eShop codes for Guess the Word!! The game released today (Feb 14th 2018), alongside Pet Care, two educational games that are aimed at pre-school and kindergarten aged children. Guess the Word is available now on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Win Guess the Word on the Nintendo Switch!

Thanks for entering our first Giveaway! This is the first of many of the contests, giveaways, and promotions I have planned. A special thanks to Mateusz, from Ultimate Games S.A., who offered the codes for this giveaway. Thanks to him, we have this giveaway, as well as our next! That’s right, we already know what our next prize (prizes?) will be.

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I'm a mature gamer (48). I can be opinionated and sarcastic, but I'm very laid back. And I love Nintendo more than any forty-something probably should. (They did help raise me.) I'm also the Editor-in-chief, here at The Nintendo Nomad. Hit me up anywhere you can find me on social media. I'm open to talking about almost any topic (because, politics...).
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