Guacamelee 2: OTPC on Sale at PlayAsia

A physical edition of Guacamelee 2: One-Two Punch Collection is available for pre-order, in limited quantities, over on PlayAsia. If you haven’t played the original (And, if so, why the hell haven’t you!?!?), then I suggest you at least go purchase that title on the eShop, immediately.

Guacamelee 2 One-Two Punch Collection includes both the original title in the series, as well as the second game. It’s currently on sale for $39.99 USD on PlayAsia. An incredible deal, for two must-have games. At least I think so…

These two titles, from Leadman Games and Drinkbox Studios, are some of the best MetroidVania’s currently available on the Nintendo Switch. I’ve personally played the original to completion and have the second game in my backlog. (That Backlog Monster demands to be fed regularly!)

Guacamelee 2 One-Two Punch Collection
Limited Editions available for Switch and PS4

Don’t miss your chance to grab yourself a copy of this physical edition, that’s sure to sell out!!

Guacamelee 2 One-Two Punch Collection
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