Welcome to the newly minted, Nomad RPG! I’m excited to bring this to the site. Here, you’ll see the different Achievements and Ranks available, as well as all possible Credit Rewards. Stay active, collect those precious Credits, and you’ll be rising through the Ranks in no time!

This is just a shell of what’s to come. I have some cool plans connected to this RPG. I hope you enjoy it! (I’m looking for feedback, to help improve this any way I can.) This project is for you, the Nomad Readership.


Here, you can filter and search through, all currently available Achievements.

Achievement Earned!

100 Credits

1 Required Steps

  • Register on the site

Level Ranks

Currently available Levels (This will expand as the game develops)


Level 2

Congratulations for reaching Level 2! You’re no longer a Nomad Noob!

Keep up the great work and soon you’ll be Level 3! (Sensing the sarcasm, yet?) Seriously, thanks for being active on the site! I hope you’re enjoying your time. As always, we encourage all feedback!

3 Requirements

  • Register on the site
  • Earn 500 Credits
  • Comment on any post

Level 1

Congratulations! You’re a Nomad Noob! Visit the site, and interact with Staff and other members to increase your Level!

Available Credit Rewards


7 Credit Awards

  • Register
  • Log-in to site
  • Comment on a post
  • Publish a new post
  • Publish a new Page!
  • Visit the site Daily
  • Every unique post visit