Bleed 2 Review (by Adam from Switch Indie Fix)

Fun In a Very Short Burst!

I picked up Bleed 2 as part of the #DiscoverIndies event hosted by @indiegamerchick over on Twitter.

I honestly didn’t know that much about the game when I bought it. I mostly picked it up because it was cheap!

Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it! It was a short experience but well worth it’s reduced price.

The Story

The story is pretty simple. You play as Wryn, a purple haired heroine. Like most cool people, Wryn just wants to hang out and play video games. However, her nemesis Valentine decides to attack the Earth with her giant spaceship! So Wryn has to press pause and go kick some butt!

Official Bleed 2 Trailer


Bleed 2 is a twin stick, 2D platformer. As Wryn you have to platform, air dodge and shoot your way into the enemy’s ship. The game has 7 levels in total and a ton of bosses and mini-bosses to beat.

The controls are very simple – you use the joysticks to move, ZR to jump and ZL to slow down time. To be honest, I found the controls difficult to use. Maybe it would have been better to have ZR as the trigger and jump as a face button. This is because I really didn’t like having jump as a trigger.

The bosses were all fun to fight against but not overly difficult. Most of them revolve around deflecting pink coloured bullets back at the boss, which you can do by timing a sword swing by flicking the right analog stick.

Playing on Normal Mode the bosses were a challenge but not difficult. I thought the checkpoints were very fair, often restarting you at the same stage of the boss fight as you’d died in (and not from the beginning).

Art and Music

The art work is ok. I love the bright colours but think the pixel art is nothing to write home about. However, I admire that the game always looked good even with tons of bullets on the screen. I hate it when bullet hell games look a mess and you can’t really tell where the hit boxes of the bullets are!

The music was good, it got me pumped up and set a quick and exciting pace for the game. For some reason it reminded me of the Sonic the Hedgehog music from the Sega Megadrive!


Other than the control scheme I didn’t have any problems with the game. However, I must say the game is very short! I beat the story in less than an hour on Normal Mode.

This might be a problem for some people, however, there is some extra content that unlocks after you beat the story. You unlock new characters, weapons and mutations, which can add bonuses or damage multipliers to your run. Furthermore, there are four difficulty levels to beat that offer some replay ability and a co-op mode if you want to play with a friend.


Overall, I think Bleed 2 is a fun but incredibly short game. If you want something to beat in one sitting it’s perfect. However, for its full asking price of $14.99, I think it might be a little bit expensive; I’m happy to have picked it up on sale! Plus, I think the controls aren’t as intuitive as they could be. Nevertheless, I still had fun with my hour of gameplay! 

Hey, Chris here. I wanted to thank Adam for this review. He had it finished and ready to post on Switch Indie Fix website when he offered to let me publish it here, on The Nintendo Nomad blog. It’s very generous of him and I’ll be returning the favor soon! Thanks again, Adam! You’re a genuinely great guy!

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I played the first one a bit and had exactly the same feeling with the controls. I was on PC and spent a while remapping them to try and find something I liked. I can’t remember what I ended on, but it never did feel perfect. Fun game if you can get beyond that, though.

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