IndieXmas 2018 Review Roundup: Super Destronaut DX

As I started to write this review, I realized something. This review will make the fourth in a row that features a shooter of some sort. I do love me some SHMUP action (and there’s plenty to choose from on the eShop) but it’s a funny coincidence that it’s worked out this way. I’ll review games from other genres, I promise!

Today’s IndieXmas 2018 game is Super Destronaut DX from developers, Petite Games and Ratalaika Games.

Super Destronaut DX is a modern twist on Space Invaders. Those aliens from the 80s had nothing on these guys, however. Super Destronaut has some tricks up it’s sleeve that may have you coming back for more once you try it.

Super Destronaut DX Trailer

Space Invaders on Steroids

Super Destronaut DX is set up just like Space Invaders. The developers even say their title was inspired by the 80s classic. There are 5 modes, allowing you to play the game in different ways. All in the hopes of achieving the highest score possible.

You have your traditional Classic mode, where the difficulty gradually increases. There’s a Challenges mode, filled with 30 different challenges. They range from achieving a certain point total or grabbing a certain number of power-ups, to surviving a set number of waves. I only wish there were more of them. I finished nearly all of them (25/30) in one sitting.

Hardcore mode is a tough as nails version of Classic mode, where taking one shot from an enemy means Game Over. Time Attack is what it sounds like, you’re given a minute and a half and unlimited lives to rack up the highest score possible. Finally, there’s a Multiplayer mode, which is always a nice bonus in any indie game. In Multiplayer, two players take on the enemies together. You’re each given unlimited lives but have a limited time to score as many points as possible.

The game includes global online leaderboards and it also tracks a number of your gameplay stats, including individual high scores for each mode, total enemies killed (as well as a breakdown by enemy type), number of waves survived, among others. For gameplay options, you can turn the chromatic aberration and screen shake on or off, individually.

That Classic Gameplay, with a twist.

In Super Destronaut, you’re faced with waves of enemies who are determined to crush you. Literally. They descend on you, Space Invaders style, while unleashing various bullets, lasers, homing misses, and the like. And the waves seem endless. I didn’t reach an endpoint or any final bosses. I’ll be going back to the game for a while, trying to beat my personal high scores.

There are weapon power-ups to help you hold off the encroaching hoard and boost your score. But you’ll have to eliminate a particular enemy to get one. If you see a large, orange enemy in the top row, destroy it ASAP. He holds that precious power up that’ll help wipe out your enemies and keep your multiplyer going.

Sights and Sounds

Super Destronaut’s graphics are crisp and clean, with a nice touch of neon. I left the aberration options turned on as I found it added a nice effect. It’s flashy without being overstimulating. Something, I’m personally sensitive too.

On the audio side, the effects are solid and the soundtrack has a pleasant, if sometwhat repetitive, electronic sound. The biggest surprise was the game’s voice-over, narrated by Barry Dunne! Yes, the same Barry Dunne responsible for Nintendo Impact Gaming. His Nintendo focused channel is one of my favorites on YouTube.


Super Destronaut DX is a modern take on the classic Space Invaders gameplay that delivers in spades. If you’re a fan of arcade shmups, make sure to give Super Destronaut DX a chance. At only $4.99 USD on the eShop, it’s an easy decision. At that price, it’s one of the best bargains available on the Nintendo Switch. Period.

9/10 Must Have!!

An essential arcade shmup at a budget price.


  • Intense Arcade Action
  • Multiple Modes to Choose From
  • Quality Graphics & Audio (Barry Dunne voiceover!)
  • Multiplayer in a budget title!


  • More Challenges would be nice. (30 isn’t enough)
  • Music felt repetitive at times.
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