Klondike Solitaire Review: Hold or Fold?

I’m pretty confident that nearly everyone currently alive, is aware of the solo card game Solitaire. It’s been popular since the late 19th Century, though it’s probably just us “olds” who actually play it nowadays. (I have three decks of actual, real-life playing cards!) In the U.S. and Canada, Klondike is the best-known solitaire card game, to the point that the term “Solitaire”, typically refers to Klondike. In the UK, the game is simply known as “Patience”.

Videogame adaptations of the classic card game are available on just about every gaming platform known to man. Now, Baltoro Games has decided to port one of their many card games to the Nintendo Switch, in the form of Klondike Solitaire.

It’s a simple card game. What is there to talk about and review? Actually, if you’re ever in the mood for a relaxed game of cards, you’ll want to hear what I have to say about this game. Let’s shuffle this deck and see how things stack up. On to the Klondike Solitaire Review…

It’s Klondike Solitaire

The game is played as expected. If you have any familiarity with Solitaire, then you know what to expect. (If somehow you’ve managed to never have played a hand of Solitaire, there is a quick tutorial available.) You have the choice of Classic scoring or “Vegas” style scoring, as well as whether you want to draw 1 card or 3 each time you play from the deck.

In traditional Klondike fashion, you attempt to move the cards from your deck to the individual stacks, before (hopefully) finally placing them in suited order. Nothing else to it… It’s great! If you really love Solitaire. The only incentive are the achievements and trying for a higher score, in a quicker time.

And Not Much Else

You’re able to choose between a 2D flat, overhead point-of-view and a slightly skewed, HD view, complete with 3D tea and pie! It looks great, you can tell they cared enough about the presentation to make it look, and run, smoothly. Then again, It’s a card game, it should probably be expected!.

Progressing through the game, by winning games and earning achievements, allows you to unlock different styles of playing cards and table settings. They’re all high in quality and very well done. It’s just a shame there isn’t enough variety to what’s available. There are 15 different table themes and around 10 decks of cards to unlock.

There are over 20 different achievements to unlock and the game tracks a number of statistics, across all of your wins, and countless failures. The game is kind enough to include an “undo” button as well as a hint system, in case you ever get stuck. Everything offered is standard fare in any quality playing card game.


While Baltoro has created a great Klondike experience, that’s all it is. The limited incentives and customizations, and lack of any variety in it’s game types, keep Klondike Solitaire from being a game I can recommend. For me, the fun only lasted for a handful of games. And I really enjoy card games. Baltoro itself has other, better, Solitaire games in their catalog they could have chosen to port to the Switch. It’s confusing as to why they chose Klondike over the others. Seriously, they have at least 4 other Solitaire games that all have more options and game types available. They have 3-in-1, 6-in-1, and even 11-in-1 Solitaire titles!! Cash grab maybe, Baltoro?

The game will be available, beginning March 1st, for $8.99 on the NA eShop. That is way over-priced. Even when it inevitably goes on sale, this will only be enjoyable to the most hardcore Klondike fans. For everyone else, there are much better options to spend your money and time on. Why spend my time writing the Klondike Solitaire Review? So some poor soul out there doesn’t waste their hard earned cash.

4/10 Really Bad Card Game

One Trick Pony that Fails to Entertain


  • Crisp HD Visuals
  • Customizable Cards & Table
  • Keeps Statistics
  • In-Game Achievements


  • It’s ONLY Klondike
  • You Can Play Solitaire Just About Anywhere, For Free!
  • Even This Publisher has Better Card Games They Could Have Ported
  • Feels Like an Attempted Cash-Grab

As with everything we’re doing here, I hope you enjoyed the Klondike Solitaire Review. Check the other posts, below, for more Nintendo Nomad content. Thanks for stopping by!

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I'm a mature gamer. (nearly 47!) I can be opinionated and sarcastic, but I'm very laid back. And I love Nintendo more than any forty-something probably should. (They did help raise me.) I'm also the Editor-in-chief, here at The Nintendo Nomad. Hit me up anywhere you can find me on social media. I'm open to talking about almost any topic (because, politics...).
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Alvaro de Prado Sanz

Finally my review would be 7/10 (considering this is what it is, a very well made Klondike Solitaire game ONLY).

Alvaro de Prado Sanz

I get the point of the lack of more game modes or different game bundles they could have ported (including Spider Solitaire), however I think 4/10 is not only unfair but inaccurate. It is a beautifully done game, yes it is cards only, but beautiful graphics, probably the best graphics among all solitaire/card classic card games in the e-shop. Furthermore the music is really good quality, relaxing and varied (around 27 different themes after unblocking). Also 10 decks, 15 backgrounds to unlock and achievement records. it is quite good. Only includes Klondike Solitaire and not other games but that is not the problem, the problem is the price tag of 9 Dollars. A bit expensive even if the quality of graphics, unlockables and music is really good. I would recommend to go on sale, which makes the price around 5 Dollars.

The argument of “it can be played for free on mobile phones” is not valid for me, this is a recurrent argument for a lot of games in the Switch that also are available on mobile phones… C’mon, the experience is different and there are normally substantial differences with the mobile versions (in game purchases, dlcs, lower quality than console port… etc).

Also you did not mention touch screen controls, which are nice to have and were implemented into the game.

For me is a solid Klondike Solitaire game, with excellent graphics and music and a good variety of songs, decks and backgrounds. if you like Klondike solitaire it is a good purchase, but overpriced. 9 Dollars is a no go for me, but 5 dollars on a sale is a YES if you do enjoy these kind of games.

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