Quick-Hit Reviews is a new series of shorter length reviews. With these, I try to get right to the meat of the review so you can see what I think and move on. (You can always ask me anything more in the comments!) If you’d like to request a Switch game for me to review, feel free to reach out! This review came at the request of my friend Adam, from Switch Indie Fix.

Aqua Kitty UDX from Tikipod, instantly brought back memories of playing Defender in my local arcades. I fed countless quarters into that machine, hoping to save as many innocents as I possibly could and ultimately make it to hyperspace. Aqua Kitty is similar, but with some of the modern trimmings gamers have come to expect.

Aqua Kitty UDX Official Trailer

An Alternate Reality

Due to a sudden shortage of milk, cats around the world are forced to seek out new sources to get their fix. You and your trusty team of milk-mining kittens have overcome their inherent fear of water in order to drill beneath the ocean floor and begin extracting reserves of, what seems to be naturally forming, full-fat milk. Yeah, it’s silly, but who cares? It’s actually all funny, if you ask me.

Satisfying Arcade Gameplay

Get ready for intense, fast-paced submarine action, as you try to defend kittens from all sorts of disruptive, mechanical sea creatures, in multiple modes of play. In true arcade fashion, the intensity of the action gets frantic at times. The game’s controls are tight and easy to grasp. You’ll be blasting and weaving through enemies on your way to rescuing those crying kittens in no time.

In Classic Mode, you work your way across the sea map, defending milk mining kittens from all manner of mechanical sea monsters. At the end of each level, a large Boss will appear for you to take care of before moving on.

Arcade Mode adds in an upgrade system that hinges on you collecting green gems which can be used to purchase upgrades.

DREADNOUGHT Mode takes you deep into the Meowiana trench. There you must fly through and destroy huge multi-screen enemy craft, while trying to rescue innocently imprisoned kittens.

The game also includes 2-Player Local Co-Op as well as Online Leaderboards so you can earn those all-important bragging rights.

Graphics, Audio & Anything Else That Matters (to me)

The graphics in Aqua Kitty UDX include a vibrant color palette and nicely detailed sprite work. The game runs smoothly and is nicely animated. I do wish there were more variety in the game’s backgrounds, however.

Aqua Kitty UDX’s up-beat, chip-tune music doesn’t doesn’t take itself too seriously and fits in with the game’s aesthetic and story nicely.


Aqua Kitty UDX isn’t for anyone who doesn’t enjoy chasing high-scores and trying to climb leaderboards. What it offers, however, is near- perfect arcade action for anyone who is interested in that sort of thing. The modes available are different enough to offer some variety and the action is satisfying and can get extremely intense. The cat theme is cute without ever being obnoxious. (In case you were concerned about that.) For only $8.99 USD on the eShop, it’s yet another game to add to that list of high-quality shmups available to Nintendo Switch owners. (And no, I will never stop reviewing shmups. I’m the infamous SHMUP Shmuck!)

8/10 Highly Recommended SHMUP!

Intense and satisfying arcade action.


  • Intense Arcade Action
  • Multiple Modes of Play
  • Great Graphics and Music
  • 2-Player Local Multiplayer and Online Leaderboards
  • Who doesn’t love Kittens?!


  • Narrow focus means it’s not for everyone
  • Repetitive Backgrounds


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  • Adam SIF · January 16, 2019 at 3:55 pm

    Glad you liked the game Chris and great review! Short and sweet like freshly mined milk 😛

      chrisunseen · January 16, 2019 at 4:18 pm

      Definitely enjoyed this one! The Defender vibes really hooked me. Was one of my favorites from back in the day.

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