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I reviewed a game called Save Me Mr Tako, not too long ago, that gave me very nostalgic vibes. The nostalgic feeling came from its GameBoy era graphics. Awesome Pea is a 2D platformer that utilizes this same art style. Now, I’m getting the chance to review the Awesome Pea, and add another retro-style game to my review library.

Awesome Pea Trailer


Awesome Pea is a 2D platformer developed by Pigeon Dev, and published by Sometimes You.

You play as a character called the Greedy Pea. What you have to do is go through all 25 levels to reach the ship, that finishes the peas journey.

The core gameplay mechanics are pretty simple, you jump, and dodge obstacles. There will be spikes to jump over, and frogs that shoot projectiles at you. While you may be a pea, you are a pretty nimble one. You’re able to jump twice before you have to land.

Each level is quite short, and to the point. Because of each levels short length you won’t find any checkpoints. No if you get hit by something you will simply restart at the beginning of the level.

There’s two different collectibles in each level. Coins, and a few gems can be collected in each of the levels. In the Steam version of Awesome Pea, there were achievements to go with these. Unfortunately now these are only useful for those who want to try, and obtain everything


Awesome Pea looks like a game right from the GameBoy catalogue, though It does have more detail than a game from that era.

The environments have some detail in them, which was nice. They didn’t look look plain, and were decently designed.

Unfortunately, the environments and level design do falter a bit because they’re all the same. You just shift through a few different level designs the entire game. There’s an open forest level, a train, a cave where you have to go downwards, and a tower you have to climb.

These levels are played on a loop. Eventually, you will come back to the exact same looking level, the only difference being different obstacle placements.

It was disheartening that the Awesome Pea’s levels lacked so much in the way of variety. it only took me about half-an-hour before I felt like I had seen everything.

Technical Issues & Controls

Amazing Pea ran pretty well, and I experienced no frame rate or resolution problems.

The controls felt tight, and they worked pretty well. Sometimes it was hard to time a double jump, because the second jump feels so heavy. This didn’t really detract too much from the game, however.

The only real technical issue I noticed was some awkward loading before each level. When you selected a level it would take 4-5 seconds to load, but there was nothing to show the level was loading. This wasn’t really that bad, but it would have been nice to know the level was loading.


If you’re looking for a short and simple 2D platformer, Awesome Pea is probably for you.

When I say short though, I mean it’s short. It took me about an hour to beat it, and if I took the time to collect everything that would probably add another hour.

Despite it’s decent use of the retro style visuals, Awesome Pea just didn’t feel awesome. It was way too short for it’s own good, and the repetitive level design, made the game get monotonous pretty quick.

While it’s not a bad game by any means, you would be better to spend your time somewhere else. At this price point, you could find something else. Or, put your money towards another game with more content, and variety.

If you’re a big fan of retro style platformers, I would recommend Awesome Pea to you. If not, then you should definitely pick a pea from a different garden. Awesome Pea will be available, beginning March 1st, for $5.99 on the NA eShop. (It’s currently being off for the pre-order discounted price of $5.39)

5/10 Average 2D Retro Platformer


  • Good, Simple gameplay
  • Nice Use of Retro Style Graphics


  • Level Designs Are Overused
  • Not Enough Variety in Traps, and Obstacles
  • No Real Point to Collecting Items
  • Way Too Short on Content Especially for the Price Tag
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