Quickviews: Space Crew Review

Welcome to our newest series!

Welcome to the first post in a new series called Quickviews (our second new series premiere this week!). This is my second attempt at doing a series of short-form reviews. (My so-called “Quick-Hit” reviews all turned into my usual longer reads.) Quickviews are intended to be easy to digest and won’t take longer than 2 minutes to read. They will still include all the usual info you need to make a buying decision based on your tastes in games. With that, I hope you enjoy the review of Space Crew. I had fun playing it for this Quickview!

Saturday morning Trek adventure?

Developed by Runner Duck and published by Curve Digital, Space Crew is the follow-up title to Bomber Crew, a well-received strategy sim (75 Metacritic) that was released in 2017. The story in Space Crew is almost non-existent. You’re in charge of running, maintaining, and defending a United Defense Force ship from an invading alien race known as the Phasmids, who are desperately trying to destroy Earth. That’s about all there is to the story, for better or worse.

Space Crew Launch Trailer

Cute but Deadly

Space Crew has a simple, somewhat charming art-style thanks to it’s Chibi styled characters and an obvious nod to Star Trek. The game’s bosses, in particular, were memorable for me. They reminded me of Saturday-morning cartoons of the 90s, in the best possible way.

Dragging out the Mundane

The main focus of the game are the roguelike missions. There are a handful of mission-types that you’ll run into. They run the gamut from your typical escort or rescue missions to simply having to clear out all enemies from what amounts to be a battle arena in space. I was having fun. At first.

When I first started playing, I was enjoying frantically trying to manage each crew member and their assigned responsibilities. Then, when Phasmids began boarding my ship, I thought, “ok, this is gonna be really fun“. Fast forward a few hours and the missions, combat, and strategy all started feeling repetitive to me. Managing my crew became routine and boring. The game is probably best played in short bursts instead of marathon sessions.

Customize Everything

In between missions, at Athena Station (the game’s hub world), you’re able to customize your ship as well as your crew. Before jumping back into hyperspace, you can outfit your crew members in new clothing, change their appearance and even assign them secondary roles (once unlocked in-game). You can upgrade your ship’s engines, weapons, and onboard systems. The options available, and their variety, allow you to customize things to suit your personal taste and playstyle. The customization options were a highlight of the game, for me personally.


Like its predecessor, Space Crew has interesting gameplay mechanics and, on a base level, is very fun to play. The action can get frenetic and the mission variety is decent. The problems show up once you’ve been playing for a little while. The gameplay loop becomes repetitive and the game drags on too long and ultimately overstays its welcome, in this gamers opinion. Space Crew isn’t a terrible game, by any stretch. It’s just best played in shorter bursts. It may be the perfect game if you enjoy space combat with a little permadeath thrown in and you’re looking for something to play, from time-to-time, in-between games that require a bigger commitment.

7/10 Recommended Strategy Roguelike set in space

Perfect for short play sessions


  • Cute Chibi aesthetic and simple graphics
  • Great customization options


  • Repetitive gameplay becomes boring
  • Game drags on for too long

As always, thanks for stopping by, and for reading the review. I hope to continue this series if it’s something people are interested in seeing more of. Please leave your thoughts in the comments below! I’d love to know what you think could be changed/improved.

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