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When reading the game reviews on The Nintendo Nomad, keep in mind that they are all based on the subjective opinions of the individual reviewer. They represent an opinion, and not everyone will agree with every one of them. My hope is that, once you’ve read the entire review, we will have presented our reasons for the score given in an enjoyable, and informative manner. We also encourage you to always share your thoughts and opinions about everything you see and read on The Nintendo Nomad through the comments or by sending me an email!

We rank all games using the standard 1-10 system (Worst – Best). The final rating for a game is up to the individual reviewer and is never influenced by anything other than their own thoughts and opinions. 

Although we do list Pros & Cons with each review, I thought it would be beneficial to explain the scoring system in more detail. You’ll find individual descriptions for the scoring system, below.

Top Shelf Titles

10 – Essential

The best the Switch has to offer, and a game that probably belongs in every Switch owner’s collection. We don’t go handing out perfect tens to just any title, so pay attention when you see it! Of course, no game is truly perfect, but these titles are as close as the reviewer thinks a game can get.

9 – Excellent

A score of nine represents an amazing game. One that is a must-have for fans of the genre being represented. These titles represent the best qualities in game design and are a pleasure to play.

8 – Highly Recommended

An eight is great, and not just because it rhymes. Games in this range definitely deserve your attention, as they are still doing most of the things that gamers expect, right. There may be some small issues that hold it back from receiving a higher score, but the majority of games that land here are very solid purchases.

Middle of the Road

7 – Recommended

For some strange reason, we’re trained to think that a seven (70% on a grading scale) is barely average. This is the completely wrong way to think! Games in this range are still good, and shouldn’t be overlooked. You can rest assured that these games deliver on their core concepts and design, and are still recommended for fans of the genre. Some factors have kept it from scoring higher, and those may or may not be deal-breakers for you, so be sure to read the review and see what our reservations actually were.

6 – Worth Considering

Games that fall into this range include titles that true die-hard fans of a genre might still want to consider because there are definitely redeeming qualities present. Generally, one or two aspects of the game don’t deliver the experience the reviewer was expecting or hoping for. However, some gamers out there may be able to overlook them, and will still find enjoyment in playing the game.

5 – Average

A game in the fives means that you really should read the review, to find out exactly what the reviewer had problems with. You may decide the game is worth taking a chance on. I realize that each one of us has different levels of tolerance for specific game issues, such as difficulty spikes, annoying controls, glitchy graphics, etc. While you still may find some redeeming qualities here, the reviewer didn’t care for most of what was being offered by the developer.

Bottom of the eShop

4 – Bad

A bad game means that you should probably pass on it. Games rated in this range usually contain broken gameplay mechanics, horrible bugs, lazy design, or some combination of factors that makes it a verifiable mess. Is it possible you’ll still like a game that’s been given a four? Sure, perhaps. Just don’t count on it happening very often.

2-3 – Terrible

I have memories ( or are they nightmares?) about saving money just so I could go out and purchase a certain movie-licensed game. All those chores, for nothing… The game turned out to be hot garbage. The game I’m referring to? E.T. on the Atari 2600. (Yes, 10 year old me spent his hard-earned money on that disaster…) Just avoid any games given a Terrible rating. It’s called that for a reason.

1 – Avoid At All Costs

If a game is ever given a one, immediately turn and run away. Do yourself a favor, and browse through the rest of our reviews. I promise you’ll find something better. Hell, anything will be better than whatever game is slapped with a 1 rating. Simply avoid these titles like the plagues they are.

Final Thoughts

Reviewing games is never going to be an exact science. Every single person has their own tastes and expectations. What we’re trying to do with our reviews is to inform and entertain our readers. We want to make sure you’re aware of any glaring issues and try to give you a feel for how the game plays.

I’m not trying to convince anyone to buy any particular game. I want to help you decide if a particular game is right for you. It’s really that simple.

As always, please leave any feedback you have on the Nintendo Nomad blog by hitting me up on social media, filling out my contact form, or send me an email!

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