3 More Nintendo Switch Resources!

On the heals of my previous articles discussing websites and apps for Switch owners, here are 3 more resources/websites for you to check out. This time around, the sites mentioned all try to help you navigate the eShop and find what you’re actually looking for. What a novel idea!

As always, I encourage you to share your thoughts about these sites and any I haven’t mentioned. I hope you find something useful!


I have no clue how I forgot to mention DekuDeals in my last article discussing helpful Switch resources, but I somehow managed to leave it out. Well, that wrong is being corrected today. DekuDeals is an underrated website that offers a single, very handy, service.

DekuDeals Homepage
DekuDeals Homepage

By registering on the DekuDeals site, you can browse and track, current prices for every Nintendo Switch game and much more.

The website will notify you of sales for any game you add to your Deku Wishlist, digital and physical! You can also track prices for available DLC, eShop cards, and even hardware and accessories.

It’s possible to sort everything by different criteria, including release date, percentage off, price, and even Metacritic score!

It’s come in very handy for me. I’ve saved on Nintendo Switch eShop cards, digital downloads and even one accessory. I hope you can find it just as useful!

eShop Index

The eShop Index is a cleanly designed, and easy to navigate, web app that offers some handy features to help you navigate the cluttered Nintendo Switch eShop.

You need to register to unlock all of the site’s features. Doing so does open up a Member News Feed (follow and see what other users are up to) as well as a personal Wishlist option. Both available elsewhere, but still nice to have included.

The Search and Sorting abilities are where the eShop Index shines. There are a few simple, but very deep, options available to search and sort every title available on the eShop.

From release dates and review scores, to a list of tags too long to list here, the eShop Index makes it easy to search for games.

There are also recommendations for similar games that you may be interested in, based on what you’re looking at. User submitted reviews and suggestions, are also included as a way to increase the value (and effectiveness) of the entire site.

The website is very new so, only people who are actively participating will ensure the site and service, grow and thrive. I hope it gains traction and that’s another reason why it’s included in this feature.


Swindies has unfortunately shut down unexpectedly. WIth this site closing, and SwitchList shutting down, we’re left without a site/service that offers user reviews for Switch games and that’s a shame. If you discover a new site that does offer this important feature, let me know. Hopefully, Nintendo will bring back user ratings to the eShop.

Finally, we have a site called Swindies. While the name may have you scratching your head, what Swindies offers is another useful Switch website that’s popped up.

Swindies bills itself as a place that lists, tracks, and attempts to rate, every game released for the Nintendo Switch. (As of the date this was published, there are nearly 1600 individual titles in their database, 900 with ratings attached.)

Swindies offers extremely handy filtering options for searching their massive database. You’re able to filter things like single-player, local or online multiplayer, and the average rating.

Conveniently, you can choose to exclude all of those “classic” games from your searches. Things like the ACA NeoGeo, Johnny Turbo’s, and Arcade Archives series’, those retro compilations, and others. It helps soooo much!!

You are also able to view games by release date and exclusivity for the NA and EU regions. I hope to see them add more regions in the future. That would open up the usefulness of the website to even more Switch owners.

An Ever Growing List

As time passes, more websites, apps, and communities pop up around Nintendo’s hybrid console. They continue to impress and I hope the trend continues. These inventive gamers are stepping up to attempt to fill gaps that have been left by Nintendo. I definitely appreciate their efforts! And I’ll continue to share any I come across in my travels…

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