3 Nintendo Switch Mobile Apps (that are actually useful)

I think that we all agree that Nintendo’s official Switch Online App leaves a lot to be desired. And that’s putting it very nicely. It’s actually hot garbage… Nintendo has done nothing to improve the app and what it offers Switch owners.

Instead of going over everything that’s wrong with Nintendo’s app and how they can fix it, I’ve decided to highlight some mobile apps for Switch owners that are actually useful. Shock and horror! Yes, they do exist!

I’m always searching for new resources that will aid in my quest to get the most out of my Switch (and my wallet). What I’ve found is there are some pretty resourceful programmers out there helping us Switch owners in ways Nintendo would never dream.


Sadly, SwitchList has been unexpectedly shut down by it’s owner. Firestream, the developer behind SwitchList, ImproveLoop, and a few other apps/games, has cited undisclosed personal reasons as why they’ve had to shut down not only SwitchList but all of their ongoing projects.

Personally, I’ve had a difficult time replacing all of the features that SwitchList provided. Currently, I’m using three different apps and websites to try and replicate what one app was able to do.

If you know of, or discover, any useful apps or websites that offer similar functionality to what SwitchList offered, please get in touch with me and let me know. I’ll be searching for a replacement until I can find one. I’m hoping another developer will step up and fill the hole left by SwitchList’s absence.


Yes, I’m mentioning SwitchList a second time on this blog. And, no, I’m not receiving some kind of kickback for pushing them so hard. I just think that what the app offers, and the constant updates it receives, is indispensable for every single person who owns a Switch. Just look at these features…

Find exactly what you’re looking for fast!
In-depth information on every title
Search and Sort Switch games in every way possible
More Lists than you can shake a Switch at!

So, there’s nothing to lose here. The app is free and can help you save money. There is one small promotional banner across each section, but promotions are gaming focused and not intrusive like so many ads. We plan to continue to update and improve the app over time also. Check out SwitchList.app to get started!

Firestream (SwitchList Developer)
SwitchList iOS App

SwitchList has turned into a heavy hitter. It shouldn’t be ignored. If you own a Switch, you owe it to yourself to download this app. It’s available on iOS, Android and as a web app.

Switch SD Card Manager

Switch SD Card Manager serves a simple purpose and it does it well, with one tiny issue. SD Manager (which is what I’m calling it) allows you to track your Nintendo Switch game collection across multiple SD Cards.

If your Nintendo Switch digital game collection spans over several SD cards, this application aims to solve two common issues:

Want to play a specific game. Which SD card to insert?

Want to purchase/download a new game. Which SD card has enough free space?

No more pointlessly swapping SD cards until the correct one is found!

After creating and setting the properties (name, size, free space) of a new SD card, games can be added either manually or by selecting them from a list of available Switch games. You also have the option of downloading game icons to replace the app’s default, generic icons which is a nice touch.

Just be careful…

My one issue while using the app is that it is far too easy to lose your progress as you’re adding games to your lists. More than a couple of times, I accidentally hit the back button on my phone, wiping out a half-hour of entering data. It was a little frustrating and I had to stop and retry after I calmed down. I wish the app had some type of auto-save feature, just in case that happened again. Other than that, it’s a handy app to have so you don’t lose track of what game is on what SD card.

Switch SD Card Manager is available exclusively on Android as far as I can tell. No word of a future iOS version.


Swuppy is another app designed to serve a singular purpose. It allows you to log into whatever Twitter account you have connected to your Switch and download hi-res copies of the screenshots and clips you’ve posted from your console.

You can even set it so you see every image/video you’ve posted on Twitter (not just those from your Switch) and download them as well. Other features include the ability to share direct links to your Twitter images posts. And there’s no need to have your Twitter profile set to public in order to use this app. You can still keep your profile private.

Swuppy may not be useful to everyone but it definitely fills a need for some people. Grab it on Android today. (Coming to iOS eventually, according to the app’s developer.)

There you have it. Three mobile apps that are actually useful for owners of a Nintendo Switch. I’m always on the lookout for new apps and services catering to Switch owners. I’ll share any more I come across in the future.

If you know of any others, please, share them in the comments below! When we get enough, I’ll create a page for a curated list of Switch resources.

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I'm a mature gamer (48). I can be opinionated and sarcastic, but I'm very laid back. And I love Nintendo more than any forty-something probably should. (They did help raise me.) I'm also the Editor-in-chief, here at The Nintendo Nomad. Hit me up anywhere you can find me on social media. I'm open to talking about almost any topic (because, politics...).
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Adam SIF

Erm you seem to have forgotten the Nintendo Switch Online App Chris 😛 But seriously that Swuppy App sounds great! It’s so hard to get video off your Switch!

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