4 Nintendo Switch Resources You Should Really Check Out

Finding the latest Nintendo Switch related news isn’t difficult. From Reddit and YouTube to Twitter and Tumblr, you can keep up on the latest developments with hardly any effort. Game announcements to the strangest of accessories (I’m looking at you wearable neck stand), it’s all covered daily.

What’s more difficult, is figuring out what’s worth paying attention to and what to ignore. Wading through all of the noise to find what YOU want can be a pain. The fact that the Switch is not region locked even adds another layer.

Some worry about paying the lowest price they can so they like to eShop hop. Maybe you have a limited budget (like me) and have to choose wisely. Others are physical collectors and need to be able to find that obscure limited release.

No one source could ever hope to review every single game that’s released so finding one for a particular title can be nearly impossible. Or, ever try to remember the name of that obscure Japanese title you heard about on your favorite podcast last January? Good luck!!

In my never ending quest to unearth every bit of Switch information, I’ve started to collect a list of resources for when a question pops up or i want to reference something. (I’m getting older and my memory isn’t what it used to be so it helps to have things handy.) Now that I’ve started this blog, I figured it would be a good time to give a shout-out to some of the people, and places, who’ve helped me navigate the rapidly expanding Switch-verse and maybe you’ll find one or two of these useful as well.

(These are in no particular order. It’s just how the order they came out of my head in…)

The One Switch App Everyone Should Be Using

SwitchList App

Sadly, SwitchList has been unexpectedly shut down by it’s owner. Firestream, the developer behind SwitchList, ImproveLoop, and a few other apps/games, has cited undisclosed personal reasons as why they’ve had to shut down not only SwitchList but all of their ongoing projects.

Personally, I’ve had a difficult time replacing all of the features that SwitchList provided. Currently, I’m using three different apps and websites to try and replicate what one app was able to do.

If you know of, or discover, any useful apps or websites that offer similar functionality to what SwitchList offered, please get in touch with me and let me know. I’ll be searching for a replacement until I can find one. I’m hoping another developer will step up and fill the hole left by SwitchList’s absence.

Firestream, and the rest of the group, have created the end-all and be-all when it comes to Switch related apps. (They’re also responsible for the excellent Switch RPG)
Available on the web as well as on iOS and Android, SwitchList covers basically everything you could ever need. Seriously….

You can track your collection, your wishlist and any sales that are going on. (Become a paid supporter and you receive notifications when something on your wishlist goes on sale.) It’s even possible to do the same thing for your Amiibo collection!!

There’s a chat function built into the app so you can interact, live, with staff and other users. You can create and share lists of your favorite games. And, thanks to user input, they’re building the review system Switch owners wish Nintendo would have had on the eShop from the beginning.

The staff is amazing and work overtime to improve the app constantly. Some changes are even made the second they’re suggested!
(If you’re still reading this and you haven’t added it to your homescreen/desktop yet, WTH are you waiting for!?)

Nindie Spotlight – The One Person Reviewing Machine

Nindie Spotlight covers so many Nintendo Switch indie games, I’m convinced they either never sleep or they have twenty people working behind the scenes. No one can cover everything but they sure as hell try! They publish reviews on a constant basis, and they have let’s play footage of even more games.

World of Switch – The Switch Review Aggregator

World of Switch (WoS for short) is a curated database of every Switch release and a great resource to go for reviews from trustworthy sources.

WoS has unique features like a searchable calendar of Switch releases. Want to know what games were released in June of 2017? It’s easy to find out. There are curated lists of games based on different genres and developers. They’ve also got you covered with reviews. They have a metacritic-style system you can actually trust.

Perfectly Nintendo – Your Source for Updates and Changelogs

Perfectly Nintendo also has some unique features, I’ve yet see anywhere else. Yes, they have a database of every Switch game. But they also have a list of every Switch system and bundle Nintendo has offered (Pokemon, Fortnite, Splatoon, etc.) They have lists of upcoming releases covering the North America, Japan, and Europe. You’ll find an updated list of Japan releases that support English.

They keep a changelog for every system firmware update. You can even browse a list of recent software updates for individual games! Want to know if you missed something? You don’t have to manually open every title on your Switch. Just scroll through their list and see what’s changed recently. It’s another great resource to have handy.

That’s all I have for now but there’s a lot here to chew on. Have fun digging into these and please leave a comment, letting me know what you think and share any resources you’ve found particularly useful. If you have any you’d like to share, please leave them in the comments.

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I'm a mature gamer. (nearly 47!) I can be opinionated and sarcastic, but I'm very laid back. And I love Nintendo more than any forty-something probably should. (They did help raise me.) I'm also the Editor-in-chief, here at The Nintendo Nomad. Hit me up anywhere you can find me on social media. I'm open to talking about almost any topic (because, politics...).
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